Vikings, Saison 1 (VF)
Vikings, Season 1

Vikings, Season 1

Episode 1

Episode 1 : Rites of Passage

Farmer, family man and rebel Ragnar Lothbrok is determined to sail west to discover new lands and riches despite an intimidating warning from his village?s tyrannical leader, Lord Haraldson, who makes it clear in no uncertain terms that doing so could result in severe consequences.

Episode 2

Episode 2 : Wrath of the Northmen

Ragnar and his men decide to sail west behind Lord Haraldson?s back. Unbeknownst to them, one of Haraldson?s spies sees them depart on their journey, which sets in motion a plan for Haraldson to make them pay for their disobedience if they return alive.

Episode 3

Episode 3 : Dispossessed

Ragnar and his men look for and discover many riches on the Northeast coast of England, while causing tremendous bloodshed in the process. When the men return home, an incensed Lord Haraldson lays down a harsh punishment for their defiance.

Episode 4

Episode 4 : Trial

The Vikings head back to England to seek new treasures, and in the midst of the terror they bring, Ragnar and Lagertha discover that there are consequences for every action and Earl Haraldson is always watching.

Episode 5

Episode 5 : Raid

Looking to do some serious physical damage to Ragnar, Haraldson?s men show up at his home. When they discover he?s away, the men terrorize Lagertha and the children while savagely wreaking havoc on Ragnar?s farm animals, which sets the stage for an all-out battle to the death when Ragnar returns.

Episode 6

Episode 6 : Burial of the Dead

Though severely battered and injured, Ragnar vows revenge on Earl Haraldson and orders Floki to request a one-on-one combat challenge against the chieftain on his behalf. Haraldson knows his personal reputation is now at stake and has no choice but to accept or live with shame. The townspeople are aware this is more than simply a combat; its outcome will dictate their futures, including who will be the next Earl.

Episode 7

Episode 7 : A King's Ransom

The Saxons are prepared to relentlessly shed blood as the Vikings draw closer to the Royal Villa of King Aelle. Aethelwulf, the King's brother and a warrior of great reputation, rallies his warriors to overturn the 'heathen' invasion. When the Saxons march downstream they discover the Vikings have set up camp, and a gory, blood splattering battle erupts, causing King Aelle to declare eternal war and retribution on Ragnar.

Episode 8

Episode 8 : Sacrifice

Disturbed by the death of his unborn son, Ragnar decides to make the pilgrimage with his family to Uppsala to thank the gods and reflect on his future, which he hopes will include a new son. Ragnar has also brought along Athelstan, who reveals that his Christian faith has waned to the point where he?s accepted the Vikings? religious views. As Athelstan becomes indoctrinated with the Vikings? worship of their gods, he learns that they believe in sacrificing humans to please these gods, and then is shocked to find out that he has been chosen by a priest to be one of those sacrificed.

Episode 9

Episode 9 : All Change

Ragnar, along with Rollo, his son Bjorn and a small party travel north on behalf of King Horik to mediate a dispute about land the king wants to take from one of his adversaries, Jarl Borg. Borg flat-out refuses to cooperate and make a deal with Ragnar, and then convinces Rollo to help him fight for his land, thus pitting brother against brother. Meanwhile, a deadly fever has consumed the town of Kattegat, where Ragnar's daughter Gyda and wife Lagertha remain, putting their lives in grave danger.